Reacting To Negative Reviews Online

If you have a business that depends on local customers you probably know how powerful online reviews can be. Many people turn to sites like Yelp before making decisions about where they’ll spend their money and a bad review on that site can mean lost profits. And there’s the fact that negative reviews are never fun to read for anyone who has put their heart and soul into their business. So what do you do when one of these pops up online?

One reason that bad reviews can be so powerful is that people are most inspired to write reviews when something goes wrong. You might have 100 people who loved what you have to offer for every 1 that has a complaint, but if the complainers are the only ones writing reviews then web searchers are going to get the wrong idea. You can combat this by doing whatever you can to promote reviews from your customers. With that said be careful about the rules and regulations with every site. For example, Yelp doesn’t allow businesses to solicit reviews but they do allow them to offer incentives in the form of sales and special offers so that Yelp users who are likely to post reviews will come to your site and your current customers will probably sign up for Yelp. This method will encourage regular, satisfied customers to post their thoughts and balance out the odd complaint.

Above all you need to keep a level head. The pain of a bad review can be very visceral, and for many people the first reaction that comes to mind is striking back. That’s not a road you ever want to find yourself going down. Many businesses have learned before how easy it is to end up escalating a situation by engaging too directly with critics. The saying that “there’s no such thing as bad press” is unfortunately false, and you don’t want to be known as the person who couldn’t stand some criticism.

In the end the best thing you can do to combat bad reviews is simply working even harder to offer the best services possible. Take complaints seriously and work to change your practices to solve problems that bad reviews might point out. Try to view things from a more objective distance and ask yourself if they are making good points. It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day, minute to minute grind and lose track of the actual customer experience. There will always be bad reviews, your job is to simply do what you can to ensure that the WME review is positive.

There’s a saying that goes “success is the greatest revenge.” While bad reviews can be painful you can use that pain as the fuel that will drive you to new heights. You might even find that this sort of shake up might be just what you needed to inspire new and productive steps toward even greater success. Turn negativity into positivity by taking proactive steps to provide even cheap SEO quote to your customers.